Let Radhika Tabrez be your silver lining!

In a culture of cliched romantic novels, In The Light Of Darkness is a breath of fresh air!
The story might be fairly predictable but the beauty lies in the way it unfolds.
It is one of those books which you cannot stop reading till you reach the conclusion. We just happened to be at a book launch with a friend at Indian Habitat Centre, New Delhi. Little did we know we will come across this beautiful novel written by Radhika Tabrez.
The novel is a gem that will add up to your treasury of vocabulary! Though it is fairly easy to comprehend yet you will come across an entirely new word every now and then.


It is a beautiful story of human relationships which delves into deepest fears, emotions of the characters and makes them see past all of their inhibitions.
The story is set in a fictional Indian island called Bydore and the way author describes it, you’d wish to start living there, right away! Meera shares a strong bond with Susan. The latter finds Meera bruised, shattered by her previous relationship. The story intensifies when Susan’s son, Mathew, returns to Bydore after an unprecedented event.

Take out sometime to read this heartwarming tale, and tell us what do you think about it in the comments section below.
Happy reading!


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