Live, Laugh & Love Yourself!

Do you feel insecure about your body all the time?
We know how it feels because we were facing such insecurities too; to such an extent that they had become a part of our psyche!
Looking for perfection, we see everyone dealing with body stereotypes in their own ways. But what we fail to understand here is perfection, which we are looking for, is highly ‘subjective’. It is different to every beholder. What may be beautiful to you may not be pretty to us or vice versa. Then why can’t we be happy in our own skin & body?
In this rat race to have a perfect body, or to look your best 24×7, we are losing who we are! People go on judging others for their shape or colour – for being thin or fat, white or black! Everything is scorned upon.
We face those raised eyebrows every day, and each time we have to remind ourselves that it is okay to live with those imperfections.
Shouldn’t we be thanking God instead, for making us the way we are? Why not accept the nature’s gift & live our lives the way we want it?
We have to remember that others’ opinions about us don’t matter till we know who we are.
Do you think being fat, short, thin, or tall is worse than being vindictive, haughty, rude, & unkind? No.
And you know what? If you don’t possess these traits, then you are the most beautiful person on this planet.
So stop worrying about how you look. Don’t crave for a Kardarshian body, or lips like Kylie! For a change don’t yearn for a ‘Perfect’ body, ‘coz there ain’t any! Work for the ‘beautiful’ soul because there aren’t many!
Remind yourself that you are here for a purpose and body shaming should not deviate you from your goals, ever!
You know, there had been days when we thought we were not good enough because we had always seen ‘Oh-so-perfect’ Bloggers. Every day we used to ask ourselves if we are doing it right. But then, we have each other & this is what Three Red Bandanas is all about- uniqueness and originality. We are here to cherish our imperfections and to make our dreams come true out of those. And to tell you that you can do it too! We are here to stand by you.
So next time someone mocks you, accept it with a ‘Thank you’. At least you’ll know who you should stop talking to!!
“It’s not my responsibility to be beautiful. I am not alive for that purpose. My existence is not about how desirable you find me” – Warsan Shire

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